Health & Safety


Here at Rosepark Farm the safety and welfare of our visitors is paramount. Should you have any questions regarding Health and Safety and Welfare, please contact our staff. For contact details see our Contact Us page.

A copy of our risk assessment for school visits can be made available upon request.

Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times on the farm


Before your visit

What to wear

Wear clothes that are right for being on a farm such as wellies or good strong shoes – not sandals. Don’t forget your jacket on rainy days.

Make sure that any cuts or grazes are covered with waterproof dressings


Meeting the animals

Don’t kiss the animals or allow them to lick your face

Don’t suck your fingers or put anything you find in your mouth

When you’re with the animals or in the animal area, don’t eat or drink anything – and never eat animal food or pick up any food from the ground

Unless someone working on the farm gives you permission, don’t pick up any tools, such as spades or forks, and don’t touch any animal droppings

Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and rinse in running water before leaving the animal area.

Feeding time – for you

Wash and dry your hands properly before you start to eat

Eat only in areas where you have been told it is ok to do so

Eat only food you have brought with you or food you have bought from a food shop on the farm

Don’t drink from any taps unless they are clearly marked that it is ok to drink from them


Before leaving

Make sure you put any rubbish in waste bins

Don’t leave any food lying around behind you – take it home or put it in waste bins

Make sure you clean your wellies or shoes and then wash and dry your hands properly before you leave the farm


How to feed an animal?

Pick an animal… Open your hand into a FLAT hand to make it look like a dinner plate!!

(Very important to keep your hand flat as animals have teeth and we do not want them to accidentally nibble your fingers thinking its food).

Get some animal food from your bag and place it on your flat hand.

(Don’t put your bag too close as greedy animals especially the goats will try to grab it!)

Extend your hand so the animal can use its soft furry lips and tongue to eat the food from your hand!

(See Hand washing)


Hand Washing

– Why is it important and when should I wash hands?

Washing our hands is very important especially after feeding/touching an animal.

At Rosepark Farm we recommend you wash your hands with soap and running water after feeding an animal, handling an animal, before you eat, after using the toilet and again before you leave.

The recommended time to spend washing your hands is at least 15 seconds!! We all know children like to get back to having fun as soon as possible and they might just do a quick rinse. So it’s a good idea for adults to wash hands at the same time to show your little ones how it’s done properly.


First Aid

We have qualified First Aiders on site please report to a member of staff or alternatively report to the Tea room or main office staff so that a member of the team can be located. Please report any accidents on the day of your visit.

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